About Us

Transcat Compliance Services is a fast growing company providing specialized analytical, calibration, compliance, and validation services to the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the food, environmental protection and sanitation sectors.We have labs in Furlong, PA and Golden, CO.

Transcat Compliance Services is part of Transcat, Inc., headquartered in Rochester, NY.  Our strategy is focused on delivering a first-class customer service experience. We pride ourselves on being FLEXIBLE. We adapt to our client-specific needs and exceed their expectations with the quality and competency of our specialists.

Transcat also offers accredited calibration, parts inspection, production model engineering, repair services and test & measurement equipment distribution. Transcat’s calibration labs are ISO-9001:2008 compliant and their calibration scope of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 is believed to be one of the broadest in the industry.

Transcat has long been committed to providing quality products and services that meet our customers’ broad range of needs. Our CalTrak® asset management system allows a customized way of managing assets and gaining access to timely calibration services. We also stand above our competition by being able to provide a wide variety of test and measurement products, many of which can be sold with an accredited calibration.